Activity Hunter

Activity hunter is an exciting themed corporate event which combines:

  • Stunning Scenery
  • Exciting activities
  • A sprinkling of competition to spice it up

Teams of guests enjoy an adventure drive that involves following a scenic route and scoring points by:

    • Solving clues along the way
    • Trying their skills at a range of fun activities en route. These can range from a 4×4 Driving Challenge or Helicopter Clue Hunt, to Archery or scaling a Climbing Wall

“Teams have a fixed time to complete as many activities and clues as they can”

  • Scoring additional points by trying the optional activities in their “Bonus” envelopes
  • Outfoxing the rival teams!

The event starts with a short welcome and Team Briefing at the hotel.
Each team is then equipped with:

  • A state of the art People Carrier (or a Taxi Cab) as their mobile Team Base
  • Their Activity Hunter Road Book. This contains a map and the essential clues to solve for Bonus Points
  • A hamper of “goodies” and refreshments to keep everyone energised throughout the day

The teams have a fixed time to complete as many activities and clues as they can, before returning to the hotel and handing in their complete “Road Book”.

The Event is hosted throughout by event staff at each activity location. Teams can also “phone a friend” (a member of the event team, who will assist them with additional clues and directions if required). The day is usually “themed” e.g. clues are designed around the particular clients requirements.

Note. There is also an option for guests to use their own cars and / or opt no activities within the event, with a resultant cost saving.


The format is suitable for groups of any size, but is usually run for 10 to 50 participants.
* Options to include “exotic” transport such as Helicopters, Ferraris and Aston Martins are available.
Budget on between £20 and £2,500 per person depending on numbers and options selected. For a quote contact Peter Morgan on 01978 754533.

As featured on ITV’s Wish You Were with Judith Chalmers.

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