The concept of Espionage is to allow your colleagues or customers the opportunity to participate in a ‘real’ team building adventure that would impress 007! Along the way they will have a great time and develop lasting relationships.

Individuals are allocated team places on a mission into the challenging environment of the wild Mountains of North Wales.

Teams are fully equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles, radios, maps and recovery equipment. Optional “extras” can include quad bikes, white water rafts, helicopters and a steam train! Each Vehicle has a qualified instructor on board to ensure the safety (and to lend a little help – if needed) of the teams.

The mission of each team is designed to bring the teams into competition. There are clear overall winners – but all teams ‘achieve’ and come back with a sense of having had an exhilarating and fun day.

Team members experience the full variety of activities and roles. The overall event brief is that a top-secret object has been “lost” in the mountains. Their mission is to recover it.

The mission and hidden objects are “themed” on the client’s special interest or business.

Teams are allocated roles such as:

Security The Professional security team, employed to undertake the sensitive mission of retrieving the missing item.
Environmental Action This team are a scientific observer group with a secret agenda of their own!
Press Team This team of Investigative Journalists are not sure exactly what is going on but, equipped with “Press Passes” and cameras, they are on a mission to find out.
question.gif What is the scoop story?
Why the secrecy surrounding the activities of the Teams?
How to get the teams to co-operate?
Who is playing fair and who is “up to something?”
What is the mysterious activity going

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