Creative Incentives

In Door & Outdoor Activities

We offer a menu of brilliant activities that guarantee full team participation and can stand alone or be designed alongside other programmes.


It’s messy, it’s fun, it’s a real challenge

Each team is given a huge canvas or board plus paints and brushes that range in size from toothbrushes to floor brushes. You can also use hands, feet…. whatever you want to get the desired effect.

Each team will be asked to paint an iconic scene. It could be the New York sky line, or sunrise over the Serengeti.

This activity is tremendous fun and given that you can also choose materials from outdoors, twigs, grass, mud etc it promotes fully focused communication, planning, decision making and delegation.

Paint suits are provided & on warm summer days this activity takes place outside.
This really is a brilliant activity and promotes positive, fun team interaction.


This really does require serious communication within the team & is brilliant fun.

Each team is given either a beginning, middle or end of a comic strip story and they are required to design characters, speech bubbles, script etc.
Provided with a large board and art materials they must brainstorm, delegate, and communicate to ensure that their piece of the comic strip jigsaw works. And someone from each team must present their piece of
the comic strip as part of the overall presentation.


This encourages team vision, planning and foresight.
What does your company do? How can you get that message across?
Can you make it more exciting by making it visually striking?

Again communication & brainstorming are vital. All participants must work within their team from planning through to the creation of the Logo and it’s presentation. This activity can often tackle important company issues and focuses on positive results.
This can be designed with mixed media using paint, pens or collage.

Great fun!


What would your Super hero say about your team? He / She must represent something about each individual member of your team.
This promotes team interaction and it is surprising what you discover about team members – who would have thought Harry from Sales was into paragliding?
On a large board you will design your team super hero using materials options.

All of the team will present their Super hero for the overall marking.
This is a great team bonding activity and works well alongside outdoor activities.

All of our creative activities are supported by a qualified facilitator.
We can tailor options to suit budget and design the activities to mix with other outdoor events.

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