Art Storming

Ideal for Team Building & Corporate Days


Its very simple….you have fun! BUT it’s a lot more than that.

Art Storming is so effective in getting rid of tension, stress and promotes ‘FEEL GOOD’ by helping to get people talking.

Fantastic for Team Building!

Art Storming was designed to offer a unique opportunity to get people communicating quickly, effectively, creatively and productively.


A fantastic way to super perform!

Using the SMART approach to work with teams we design our events to be –

*Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Scaled.

Our Team days can be run as a stand alone or alongside Morgan Events and Motor Safari menu options.

They are run from hotels, on site (summer months only) or from our custom designed Art Studio (close to our multi terrain trail park)

We can cater for individuals, couples, and groups of up to 100 people.


ALL Art Storm events are bespoke. Designed by professionals and hosted by experienced facilitators your event is guaranteed to cater for both the individuals and the group dynamics within your presenting team.

Our Key Facilitator is also a U.K. Reg. Coach and Counsellor with experience in working in Art as therapy as well as within the corporate sector.

You may opt for a purely collage exercise…or perhaps an opportunity to paint a nude! How about designing your company’s mission statement…in abstract!

ART STORMING is not about being artistic…it promotes creative teamwork.

You visualise, communicate, discuss, plan and negotiate.

And each team is marked down if a delegate is uncooperative or simply not interested. No team can afford passengers!

And it’s fun!

Why not opt for this activity as an icebreaker…or as the last activity of the day at a venue e.g. hotel, studio and in the summer on site.

How about including a sundowner or a ‘crazy creative cocktail’ after the event. This is a fantastic way to end your team day and guarantees that important ‘feel good’ factor.



For Individuals, couples, families, groups and workshops.­

Ideal for working with teenagers and parents.

When there are communication issues nothing breaks the ice better than being creative and laughing together!

Art storming is also used as part of our ACTIVITY COACHING PROGRAMMES.

Unique birthday party options.

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